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504 Tamara Circle, Newark De 19711 | Phone: 302.294.6776 |Katie Cell 302-379-9976| Jen's Cell: for collections 302.593.2684 |Fax: 302.533.5176| Midcoastmobile@gmail.com

At ICSB Mid-Atlantic Mobile
We Specialize In Making Puppies!!!

Welcome to ICSB Mid Coast Mobile Laboratory 

Our Fax number is 302.533.5176

Our office number is 302.294.6776        

Our Cell Number is 302.593.2684


We are here for the serious dog breeder. 

ICSB Mid Coast Mobile is a fully equipped state of the art Laboratory on wheels.

ICSB Freezing technology is first in success, service and research!!

We travel to dog shows and Kennel Club meetings to make our semen evaluation, collection, and freezings both convenient ad affordable to the serious breeder.

If you have a multi dog kennel and wish us to come and collect multiple dogs we can make those arrangements for you to save you bringing your dogs out to a strange environment. For appointment call 302-593-2684 

ICSB Mid Coast Mobile Services offer not only Professor Carrol C. Platz Jr.'s highly successful canine semen collection and freezing techniques in a mobile location, but we also offer canine semen evaluation and breeding supplies for canine artificial insemination. As our name states we service the Mid-Atlantic region. This region consist of Delaware, Maryland, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York, and Virginia. LOOK FOR US AT A SHOW NEAR YOU!!

Advantages to Using Frozen Semen
1. Frozen Semen can be shipped to the bitch anywhere in the world rather than the bitch traveling to the dog eliminating the risk, stress and high cost factors.
      2. A stud dog's capacity for producing progeny can be used while he is busy on the show circuit or if he has become debilitated due to injury or long after his unavoidable death.
      3.Safty factor, as the bitch and dog do not come into physical contact with each other, so the risk of injury due to fighting or venereal disease is eliminated.
4. Frozen Semen can provide genetic continuity in line breeding plans long after the dog is gone or no longer available.
AKC and Field Stud Book Approved
Documented conception rate of over 85% using Frozen Semen 

***We are now offering collections at our home office 5903 Orchard Avenue, Wilmington De 19808. We must have 1 weeks notice for appointment and will require a deposit of $75.00 to cover office fee is to be paid at time of making the appointment.  Cancellations for appointments must be made at least 48 hours in advance and  deposit will be credited towards rescheduled appt there will be no rufund of the fee. For home office appointment call 302-593-2684 to set it up.**

Calender Of Events and Locations  Subject to change so call for confirmation 302-593-2684