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Who is ICSB Mobile Mid Coast?

ICSB Mobile Mid Coast Mobile as our name insunates services the Mid-Atlantic region, covering Delaware, New Jersey, Most of Pennsylvania, Parts of New York, Most of Maryland, and Most of Virginia areas.

We travel to dog shows, events, and clinics to enable stud dog owners the ability to have their males collected and frozen at their convenience.

The Advantages of Frozen Semen are many including but not limited to allowing a great stud dog to be used long after he is no longer available.

The fees involved are based on personal time, lab expenses, and overhead at each ICSB center. Each ICSB center has the capability of collecting, evaluating, freezing, storing, and shipping for frozen semen. Most can also offer artificially inseminate frozen and or fresh extended canine semen as you need. 


How many vials are necessary to use for 85% effectiveness?

If using frozen semen it is generally recommended that you do either a surgical insemination or a trans-cervical insemination. A surgical insemination is when the inseminating Veterinarian makes a small incision in the uterus of the bitch and inserts the semen directly into the uterus. A Trans-cervical insemination is when the Veterinarian inserts the semen directly past the cervix into the uterus using a long generally metal tube. Both Trans-cervical and Surgical insemination have about the same success rate with frozen semen. Generally only 1 vial is necessary to be used in either of the above cases for 85% effectiveness although many vets like to use 2 How many vials is released for use is dependent on the stud owner and their agreement with the bitch owner.  It is Imperative that with the use of frozen semen that Progesterone testing be done on the bitch in order to get the correct timing to do the breeding. We generally recommend 72 hours after it hits 5. Later is better than earlier as Frozen semen does not live as long as fresh and you want to be sure that the eggs are ready to be fertilized. If doing a regular vaginal A.I. it is recommended that you use 2 - 3 vials. You would use 1 vial today skip a day then use the 2nd vial and then sometimes but not always skip another day and use the 3rd vial. We do not generally recommend a regular A.I. with frozen semen on mid to large size dogs.  

How does the collection and freezing process work?

The first step in the process is the collection process. This is generally done manually either with or without a teaser female present. We have had great success with many dogs regardless of breed without a teaser present. There are some dogs and some breeds that do preform better with a teaser present. If you have a dog and feel it will require a teaser it is best that you bring or find a teaser to use with your dog as I do not always travel with a bitch in heat with me. If we attempt to get a collection with or without a teaser and are unable to get one you will not be charged. Also if we do get a collection and it does not provide enough numbers of semen or the semen is not of quality for freezing you will only be charged a semen evaluation fee. The number of breeding's we are able to freeze depends on the number of viable sperm the dog produces. Based on years of ICSB research each dog depending on size and breed requires a certain number of sperm cells per breeding. Based on these numbers we come up with the number of breeding's or as we refer to a breeding as a vial we get from each collection. The normal medium size stud dog produces 4 or more vials per collection. If the stud dog produces more than 4 vials and you wish to keep more than 4 vials than you may choose to do so. We will not package any vials with less than the number of sperm required for at least one Breeding. If the dog owner chooses to just keep the 4 vials than we do not throw out the sperm we just divide it up between the 4 vials.

What do you need to bring with you to have your dog collected??

1. We need your dogs AKC or Registry information if applicable. An actual copy of the original is preferred.

2. Signed permission by the owner and or all co-owners that you have permission to have the dog collected. (We will keep this for our files) This is necessary on any dog that you do not own or a dog that is co-owned by multiple people. This is an AKC requirement in order to use frozen semen.  

3. If dog is registered by the AKC or UKC a dna profile will be required prior to you being able to use the frozen semen. If you do not already have a dna profile on your male we can do one at the time of collection. 

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