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Semen should be kept at a 35 to 37C until progressive motility has been determined, after which it can be allowed to cool to room temperature. Semen volume is not important, but it is necessary to record the volume of the sperm-containing portion so that the total number of sperm per ejaculate can be calculated. Sperm cell motility, morphology, and concentration are determined in the conventional manner.

Color: Opalescent to milky white with a clear prostatic supernatant or homogeneous grayish white.

Volume: Pre sperm fraction: 0.1 to 3 ml, Sperm-rich fraction: 0.1 to 6 ml Prostatic fraction: one to 50 ml Total volume: one to 60 ml

Progressively Motile Sperm: 60 to 90%

Number of Sperm per Ejaculate: 200 Million to 3 Billion depending mostly on dog size

Morphologically Normal Sperm: 70 to 90%

Bacteria: Many; usually more than10,000/ ml. However, only the presence of many white blood cells is an indication for bacterial culture of the semen.

The presence of epithelial cells, red blood cells, inflammatory cells, and germinal epithelial cells are noted under low magnification

Semen from males that have not ejaculated recently may contain more epithelial cells and debris than semen from a male that is used frequently but if large amounts of debris or dead sperm are present, a second sample should be collected 24 hours later.

Rob Lofstedt. Professor of Theriogenology.
Atlantic Veterinary College University of Prince Edward Island. P.E.I. Canada. C1A 4P3.

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